Dirty Rotten Show Reviews: DevilDriver + Whitechapel

Devildriver, Whitechapel, Carnifex, Revocation, and Rivers of Nihil presented by Transmission Events and Come and Take It Productions 

June 23rd 2014

The Mohawk in downtown Austin, TX.


     Last night’s show was one for the books. Even though Fit For An Autopsy dropped off the tour, it was still arguably one of the most brutal and intense shows I’ve ever been to. Hands down from start to finish, The Mohawk Austin churned with energy, violence and metal brotherhood/sisterhood. Without further adieu, let’s jump into the night’s festivities: [Read more...]



Dirty Rotten Show Reviews: Battle For Summer Slaughter

The Battle for the All Stars/Summer Slaughter Tour-Semi Finals-Round Two:

Time and Place: May 4th, 2014 at the most metal bar in Austin; The Dirty Dog Bar located on 6th Street.

The Prize: A spot in the finals located in California; with the winner getting an opening slot for the entire tour in which they are competing.

Bands for Summer Slaughter: A Threat to the Enemy, Bury the Rod, I-Terra, Sarcophagi and Shores of Acheron.

Bands for All Stars: Fear and Wonder, Fire from the Gods, Heroinme, Limerance and Memories in Broken Glass.

Headliners: Shattered Sun and Insvrgence. [Read more...]



Arsonists Get All Sorts Of Drunk

Footage of Arsonists Get All The Girls‘ vocalist getting kicked off stage for being way too drunk. This is after the bass player shoved him and he face planted off stage. Definitely go see these guys on tour on a much sober night. They’re out right now with The Last Ten Seconds Of Life, Beyond The Shore, and Seeker.



Interview: Reflections

Djent rockers Reflections weigh in on their album Exi(s)t and how to stay on the road



Interview: Front Porch Step

I recently linked up with Singer/Songwriter Jake Mcelfresh and his Solo-Acoustic project Front Porch Step (FFO: Bright Eyes, Brandnew, Say Anything)
iHateTheScene: How old were you when you got your very first guitar? What was it?
Jake Mcelfresh: Honestly I couldn’t really tell you. My first guitar was my brothers old guitar and I have no idea what it was. Nothing special.
IHTS: What do you expect someone’s reaction to be when they first listen to your
Jake: I think it varies. Hopefully something along the line of “wow this guy doesn’t really hold back.” I try not to have a filter on my lyrics at all.
IHTS: I understand that you have said that “Island Of The Misfit Boy” is about
suicide, or a suicide note. What did you go through? With the bullying and teasing going on in school, people are going to look at you as a form of inspiration. 
Jake: I had a rough childhood. My parents split took a big toll on me. Ive always been constantly teased for my looks. Odd shaped head, fucked up teeth, overweight. I used to cry in intermidiate school which made it worse. Eventually I stopped crying and started being angry.  I got in a lot of conflicts with students and teachers. I drank, smoked cigarettes and smoked weed very young. Tried to kill myself a few times in the heat of the moment. I never planned it because id get scared. One time my mom caught me by my ankles trying to dive head first out of my bedroom window when I was around 14. Eventually (thankfully) I found straight edge my freshman year of high school. It didn’t stop the depression but it gave me a clear mindset to see my life in a different perspective. I have a lot of mental issues and sometimes I have trouble coping with the smallest of problems. Island was written when I was fed up. I just wanted to die. The video took off. Straight Edge Worldwide magazine blogged it on tumblr first before anyone and it had thousands of reblogs eventually leading it to the front page of reddit. All of a sudden my inbox is packed with hundreds of messages telling me how they feel exactly how I feel. I never preach. I believe people should believe what they want, but I personally believe it was a sign from God. A little kick in my ass. Like “your life is not that bad. People have it way worse than you.”. Life is a beautiful thing and I’m so glad I’m alive. 
IHTS: How hard it was to write “I won’t say that I’m OK”? When I first heard that song, it brought me back to my Nona. I completely felt like that was written for my Nona.
Jake: First of all im sorry for your loss! Man, it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  I sobbed the entire time. She was my world.
IHTS: What is your opinion on the Kelly Thomas verdict? I’m
from Orange County, and was in downtown Fullerton the night that happened.
Was a few blocks down the road at a pub. I heard about it the next morning and
saw the video.
Jake: I’m disgusted with the fact that government employees and officials do not get the same treatment as any other human. There are good cops but there are also pieces of shit, arrogant SOB’s that just feel the need to have a gun on their hip and a badge on their chest to add inches to their dick. 
IHTS: What is the meaning behind “Angels And Demons” ?
Jake: Its a song about being in love with a girl that’s just sooo good but knowing you’re just so bad and not even worthy of her but yet wanting her anyways. 
IHTS: What has it been like signing with a label with a solid foundation in this ring of music like Pure Noise?
Jake: I cant really say what expectations I had. I didn’t think my record would sell. Jake Round and the rest of the PN family have been really good to me. Best choice for sure!
IHTS: What do you have playing on your iPod right now?
Jake: Today has been the latest drake record, Gangstarr, the new You Blew It! Record (check them out!), the new Throwdown and Frank Sinatra as usual.
IHTS: What is the future of Front Porch Step and where do you
expect to be a year from now?
Jake: I’m gonna write some more songs, play some more shows and eventually die



Interview: Fit For An Autopsy

Keeping Death Metal real with Fit For An Autopsy



Interview: Vildhjarta

Checking in with Swedish Deathcore outfit Vildhjarta. THALL!



Interview: Rings Of Saturn

We get the scoop on Aliencore and Rings Of Saturn



Full-On Feature: Northlane

iHateTheScene recently sat down with Northlane guitarist Josh Smith (Far Left)

IHTS: How hard is it for an Australian band to break out in the states? What is your buzz like there compared to here in the US?

Josh: It’s extremely, extremely difficult. There is a real lack of opportunities for Australian bands and it’s not often that you get thrown a bone over here, not to mention the expenses associated with touring overseas in a place like the US. Australia treats us very well as we are from there and we’ve been touring Australia for a few years pretty much incessantly, but for our first time in the US the buzz was pretty insane, who knows what will happen in the future.

IHTS: Your music features a lot of positive lyrics about celebrating life. What lead you to write about this as opposed to the usual brutal hateful lyrics most metal bands use?

Josh: Life is already hard enough, for everybody. We just don’t see a point spreading a negative message. We are in a unique position playing in a band and have the opportunity to act as role models, so we may as well be good role models. If we can make a real positive difference to just one person’s life by playing in this band and spreading our message, I will die a happy man.

IHTS: At what point did you think Northlane would catch on? If any, what one event do you think lead to the band’s rise in popularity?

Josh: It’s really hard to say but since Singularity came out things have really exploded, especially overseas. I think this record had a lot to do with the rise in popularity but it didn’t come out of nowhere, It was the product of 3 years hard work.

IHTS: How do you plan on topping Singularity?

Josh: By writing a better record for #3.

IHTS: What is something you haven’t got to do that you would like your band to do or be a part of?

Josh: I’d love to play some festivals in Europe and the US, that’s something you really dream about when you play in a band. Thankfully we’ve been able to tick lots of items off our bucket lists this last year but I think we still have a very long way to go as a band.

Northlane Headlining Tour:

02/07 Anaheim, CA – Chain Reaction

02/08 San Diego, CA – House Of Blues Side Room

02/09 Phoenix, AZ – The Nile Underground

02/11 Fort Worth, TX – Tom Cats West

02/12 Tupelo, MS – Goodtime Charlies

02/13 St Louis, IL – Fubar

02/14 Chicago, IL – Bottom Lounge

02/15 Burnsville, MN – The Garage

02/16 Milwaukee, WI – Miramar Theatre

02/18 Indianapolis, IN – Hoosier Dome

02/19 Cleveland, OH – Agora Theatre & Ballroom

Northlane’s dates on Bring Me The Horizon’s American Dream Tour (also feat. Of Mice & Men and Issues):

02/21 Plymouth, MI – Compuware Sports Arena

02/22 Toronto, ON – Sound Academy

02/23 Toronto, ON – Sound Academy

02/24 Montreal, QC – Metropolis

02/26 Sayreville, NJ – Starland Ballroom

02/27 Worchester, MA – The Palladium

02/28 New York, NY – Best Buy Theater

03/01 New York, NY – Best Buy Theater

03/02 Philadelphia, PA – The Electric Factory

03/03 Silver Springs, MD – The Fillmore

03/04 Clifton Park, NY – Upstate Concert Hall



The Reports Of Our Demise Were Greatly Exaggerated

Rebranding is happening now. Prepare for an entirely new era.

Hope you like Metal!!!


IHTS now & forever